riverside reinforced concrete project

Riverside Project

EDC’s Reinforced Concrete Products for Waterline Square Buildings 1,3 & 4.

The transformation of an old Penn Central rail yard into the Riverside Center master-planned community of upscale, residential high-rises has taken two decades. EDC was pleased to assist with the final trio of buildings.

The structures, named Waterline Square, broke ground in 2015 and were built simultaneously. Their completion is scheduled for 2019.

EDC was selected to provide solutions for the cast in place concrete shoring and formwork requirements with its extensive inventory of frame shoring, post shores, Sonotubes and more. EDC also provided the Screen Saver perimeter protection system on building 3.

Inside, the condos and rental units have wide-open spaces free of interior columns. They also feature high-ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows.

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twa frame shoring

TWA Hotel

EDC’s Frame Shoring Solutions Support an Aviation Comeback at JFK

Every shape, motif, and object in the TWA Hotel evokes a mid-century modern vibe. This isn’t because mid-century modern is a popular design aesthetic, though it is. Rather, the TWA Hotel was designed to mesh seamlessly with the iconic TWA (Trans World Airlines) terminal originally designed in the late 1950s by Eero Saarinen. The now-revamped terminal serves as a stunning lobby for the hotel.

Chosen as the best supplier of frame shoring for building the hotel behind the famous TWA terminal, EDC was thrilled when the project broke ground in 2016. The hotel is scheduled to open in May 2019, and is JFK’s first on-site hotel.

Design Features that Complement the Former TWA Terminal

The two-wing hotel is located behind the gull-wing-shaped structure that now serves as the hotel lobby. Both curved wings of the six-story, low-rise hotel can be accessed from the lobby via two original flight tubes.

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Photographs by Max Touhey.


one vanderbilt frame shoring

One Vanderbilt

EDC’s Frame Shoring Helps One Vanderbilt Link to Grand Central Station

Requiring more than 70,000 cubic yards of concrete, One Vanderbilt is a professional office building that will soon be one of the tallest in New York City. When completed, One Vanderbilt will be 1,401 feet tall with its spire (1,301 feet without the spire).

Along with the 53W53 residential building, One Vanderbilt’s height places it in the “super tall” skyscraper category. About 20 other New York City skyscrapers share that designation.

EDC was selected as the frame shoring supplier for this high-rise building, and the work began in the summer of 2017. The building is scheduled to be topped out in mid-2019 and completed by the end of 2020.

Extra Tall Floor-to-Ceiling Height

In providing the frame shoring equipment for One Vanderbilt, EDC was able to take part in a unique and unusual project. Although it’s among the 30 tallest buildings in the world, One Vanderbilt “only” has 58 stories. This is because the floor-to-ceiling height of the floors range from about 14 feet to 24 feet. The interior floorplans are free of columns.

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forming and shoring supplies

Jean Nouvel’s 53W53 “MoMA Tower”

53W53 Tower: Sharing Space and Aesthetic Principles with MoMA

At a height of 1,050-feet (320 meters), 53W53 is the seventh highest structure in New York City. With its tapering apexes, 53W53 has been described as a “modern pyramid.”

In design, 53W53 is well-suited to be a neighbor of the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan. It shares three of its lower stories with the museum and is also referred to as “the MoMA tower.”

EDC was chosen to provide forming and shoring solutions for the residential skyscraper, providing its formwork, frame shoring, and post shore equipment. The habitable floors were completed in mid-2018, with the final triangular peak installed in December 2018.

A Reinforced Concrete Exoskeleton

The building’s exoskeleton – vertical columns, inclined braces, and horizontal beams – was originally intended to be built of steel. Upon discovering that this would limit the number of the building’s stories, the solution was to use a reinforced concrete system. EDC’s forming and shoring solutions were indispensable, this being the first time that a diagrid of this size and complexity has been made of concrete.

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Construction project photographs by Giles Ashford.


nyc frame shoring

220 Central Park South

Record-Breaking 220 Central Park South Chooses EDC’s Frame Shoring Solutions

The residential high-rise building at 220 Central Park South is famed in New York City for its imposing stance over Central Park – and its record-breaking condo and penthouse sales. One of the latest skyscrapers to be built in the “Billionaire’s Row” area, 220 Central Park South is 952 feet tall and estimated to be the tenth tallest building in the city.

EDC was selected as the frame shoring supplier for the building, which has a cast-in-place concrete tower. Construction began in 2015, topped out in summer of 2017, and is set to be completed in 2019.

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3 world trade center shoring project

3 World Trade Center

EDC’s Concrete Shoring Systems Help Revitalize World Trade Center

EDC was the contractor selected to provide concrete shoring equipment for the 3 World Trade Center (3 WTC) building, the fifth tallest in Manhattan. Originally started in 2010, building was delayed due to lack of financial backers. Construction resumed in 2014, and the concrete core was finished in 2016. The 80-story building was completed in 2018.

Design Elements

The 3 WTC building has distinctive beams (shaped like the letter K) that zig-zag down the east and west faces of the tower. Although they appear to be decorative, these are actually load-bearing beams that support the weight of the floors. This allows each floor to be nearly column-free inside.

Shoring equipment provided the support between stories that made it possible for them to have extra height (13 feet 6 inches). The building’s more eye-catching details include floor-to-ceiling glass and column-free floor plates. From inside, the building occupants have unobstructed, panoramic views of New York City and beyond.

Structural and Functional Elements

The central core of 3 WTC is constructed of concrete, and the building has a total of 44 elevators. EDC’s concrete shoring systems supported a total of 145,000 cubic yards of concrete during construction. The reinforced concrete core is encased by a steel structure.

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leonard street shoring project

56 Leonard Street

EDC’s Specialty Shoring Systems Send the Jenga Building Skyward

The 56 Leonard Street building in the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan stands out – and not just because it’s the tallest in the neighborhood. The building earned the nickname of “the Jenga building” because of its cantilevered balconies and upper story offset floors.

EDC began work as a structural shoring systems contractor on this project in 2008. Due to the recession, the project was tabled until 2012, and it was completed in 2017. The Jenga building is the 18th tallest in New York City.

Notable Features of 56 Leonard Street

The building boasts a 75-foot indoor pool and a back-up generator on the 9th and 10th floors. For this portion of the project, EDC’s concrete shoring equipment was especially crucial.

Other interesting aspects of this project include:

  • Massive, exposed concrete spiral staircase joining the 9th and 10th-floor resident amenities
  • Ceiling heights that range from 11 feet up to 19 feet

Design Elements

The staggered floors and balconies of the Jenga building were a popular topic when the project was originally proposed, and the building is a popular landmark. The proposed design had some naysayers who claimed the building was impossible because of logistical problems associated with the cantilevered balconies and offset stories.

Besides being unique in a city full of sleek, smooth skyscrapers, the Jenga building design has a practical function of providing more balcony privacy to residents. The balconies on each floor are in a different position than the previous floor, and no balcony looks up at another balcony, there being at least two floors between balconies.

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salt shed shoring project

Spring Street Salt Shed

EDC’s Reinforced Concrete Products Help Shape a NYC Salt Shed

EDC was chosen as reinforced concrete solutions contractor for a new NYC Department of Sanitation salt shed. The salt shed – which at 6,000 square feet is technically a warehouse – has an unusual exterior design for which EDC’s specialty concrete shoring systems were especially pertinent. The building, which has won (or been nominated for) a dozen architectural awards, was completed in 2015.

The building’s cast-in-place concrete was a natural selection (no pun intended) because of its resistance to salt corrosion. The shed is designed to hold 4,000 – 5,000 tons of salt piled at least 40 feet high. EDC’s reinforced concrete products were indispensable for working with building’s thick, outward-sloping walls.

Design Elements

Although it’s a massive structure – over 70 feet tall on the side facing the Hudson River in Manhattan – the salt shed is definitely not a nondescript government building. Tapering toward the bottom, the crystalline, faceted planes bring to mind a grain of salt.

Inside, the lower portion of the interior walls are lined with steel plating to protects the interior concrete from truck damage. The building is especially lovely outside at night with architectural uplighting that emphasizes its striking façade.

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