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EDC’s Frame Shoring Helps One Vanderbilt Link to Grand Central Station

Requiring more than 70,000 cubic yards of concrete, One Vanderbilt is a professional office building that will soon be one of the tallest in New York City. When completed, One Vanderbilt will be 1,401 feet tall with its spire (1,301 feet without the spire).

Along with the 53W53 residential building, One Vanderbilt’s height places it in the “super tall” skyscraper category. About 20 other New York City skyscrapers share that designation.

EDC was selected as the frame shoring supplier for this high-rise building, and the work began in the summer of 2017. The building is scheduled to be topped out in mid-2019 and completed by the end of 2020.

Extra Tall Floor-to-Ceiling Height

In providing the frame shoring equipment for One Vanderbilt, EDC was able to take part in a unique and unusual project. Although it’s among the 30 tallest buildings in the world, One Vanderbilt “only” has 58 stories. This is because the floor-to-ceiling height of the floors range from about 14 feet to 24 feet. The interior floorplans are free of columns.

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