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EDC’s Reinforced Concrete Products Help Shape a NYC Salt Shed

EDC was chosen as reinforced concrete solutions contractor for a new NYC Department of Sanitation salt shed. The salt shed – which at 6,000 square feet is technically a warehouse – has an unusual exterior design for which EDC’s specialty concrete shoring systems were especially pertinent. The building, which has won (or been nominated for) a dozen architectural awards, was completed in 2015.

The building’s cast-in-place concrete was a natural selection (no pun intended) because of its resistance to salt corrosion. The shed is designed to hold 4,000 – 5,000 tons of salt piled at least 40 feet high. EDC’s reinforced concrete products were indispensable for working with building’s thick, outward-sloping walls.

Design Elements

Although it’s a massive structure – over 70 feet tall on the side facing the Hudson River in Manhattan – the salt shed is definitely not a nondescript government building. Tapering toward the bottom, the crystalline, faceted planes bring to mind a grain of salt.

Inside, the lower portion of the interior walls are lined with steel plating to protects the interior concrete from truck damage. The building is especially lovely outside at night with architectural uplighting that emphasizes its striking façade.

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