3 World Trade Center

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EDC’s Concrete Shoring Systems Help Revitalize World Trade Center

EDC was the contractor selected to provide concrete shoring equipment for the 3 World Trade Center (3 WTC) building, the fifth tallest in Manhattan. Originally started in 2010, building was delayed due to lack of financial backers. Construction resumed in 2014, and the concrete core was finished in 2016. The 80-story building was completed in 2018.

Design Elements

The 3 WTC building has distinctive beams (shaped like the letter K) that zig-zag down the east and west faces of the tower. Although they appear to be decorative, these are actually load-bearing beams that support the weight of the floors. This allows each floor to be nearly column-free inside.

Shoring equipment provided the support between stories that made it possible for them to have extra height (13 feet 6 inches). The building’s more eye-catching details include floor-to-ceiling glass and column-free floor plates. From inside, the building occupants have unobstructed, panoramic views of New York City and beyond.

Structural and Functional Elements

The central core of 3 WTC is constructed of concrete, and the building has a total of 44 elevators. EDC’s concrete shoring systems supported a total of 145,000 cubic yards of concrete during construction. The reinforced concrete core is encased by a steel structure.

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