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EDC’s Frame Shoring Solutions Support an Aviation Comeback at JFK

Every shape, motif, and object in the TWA Hotel evokes a mid-century modern vibe. This isn’t because mid-century modern is a popular design aesthetic, though it is. Rather, the TWA Hotel was designed to mesh seamlessly with the iconic TWA (Trans World Airlines) terminal originally designed in the late 1950s by Eero Saarinen. The now-revamped terminal serves as a stunning lobby for the hotel.

Chosen as the best supplier of frame shoring for building the hotel behind the famous TWA terminal, EDC was thrilled when the project broke ground in 2016. The hotel is scheduled to open in May 2019, and is JFK’s first on-site hotel.

Design Features that Complement the Former TWA Terminal

The two-wing hotel is located behind the gull-wing-shaped structure that now serves as the hotel lobby. Both curved wings of the six-story, low-rise hotel can be accessed from the lobby via two original flight tubes.

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Photographs by Max Touhey.