Adjustable Steel Post Shores

Easy to handle. Quickly erected. No tools required. Safer than wood. Compact design for economical shipping and storage.

Adjustable steel shores provide an efficient and economical method of shoring. They are also very valuable for a wide variety of other applications in general building construction, repair, and maintenance work.

  • No loose parts
  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • Rot-proof
  • Fireproof
  • Self-cleaning collars
  • High-load capacity at all heights
  • High safety factor
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Holes in head and base plates for universal connection

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adjustable steel post shores

EDC's steel post shore load capacity

SizeWeight (lbs)ClosedOpenCapacityFactor of Safety
600373'-4"5'-6"800077002.5 : 1.0
601425'-7"9'-10"830063002.5 : 1.0
603487'-0"12'-0"800050002.5 : 1.0
606649'-3"16'-0"800040002.5 : 1.0
700353'-4"5'-6"1260096003.0 : 1.0
701506'-1"10'-0"1170090003.0 : 1.0
703597'-3"12'-0"1140084003.0 : 1.0
706739'-4"16'-0"1040062003.0 : 1.0
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